Profile Version

Starting from Surge iOS 4.9.3 & Surge Mac 4.2.2. The profile now supports version remark for better backward compatibility.

For example:

panel = script-path=panel.js,type=generic

The old versions of Surge don't support the generic type script declaration. Then this line would occur a profile parsing error.

#!PROFILE-VERSION-REQUIRED 10 panel = script-path=panel.js,type=generic

By adding a profile version requirement prefix, the old versions will treat the line as a comment and ignore it.

Please notice that the feature is for profile distribution, such as managed profile and enterprise profile. When the profile is modified by UI all the version remarks will be removed.

Profile Version Change Notes

Version 0 (All versions below Surge iOS 4.9.3 & Surge Mac 4.2.2)

Version 10 (Starting from Surge iOS 4.9.3 & Surge Mac 4.2.2)

  • Supports script type 'generic'.
  • Supports new section [Panel]. (This doesn't require a profile version requirement since an unknown section won't be parsed.)

Version 11 (Starting from Surge iOS 4.11.0 & Surge Mac 4.4.0)

  • Supports WireGuard policies.

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