If DNS-over-HTTPS is configured, the traditional DNS will only be used to test the connectivity and resolve the domain in the DOH URL.

Use DoH for All Domains

doh-server =

You may specify multiple DNS-over-HTTPS servers here (not recommended).

Use DoH for Specified Domains

example.com = server:https://cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query

DNS over HTTPS Format

There are two different types of DoH format: JSON and DNS wireformat (RFC1035).

You need to confirm the supported type of your DoH service.

  • Surge iOS 4.1 and below versions / Surge Mac 3.4.1 and below versions: Only JSON format is supported.

  • Surge iOS 4.2 and above versions / and Surge Mac 3.5.0 and above versions: Surge uses DNS wireformat by default. You can also choose to continue using JSON.


Use DoH with Proxy

If you want to query DoH servers through proxy, you can set doh-follow-outbound-mode to true.


All the DoH connections will follow the outbound mode setttings. Then configure a rule for the DoH hostname to use a proxy.

Or, use PROTOCOL,DOH rule to match all DoH connections.

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