Enhanced Mode

Only Surge Mac supports this feature, from version 2.1.0

Some applications may not obey the system proxy settings. Using enhanced mode can make all applications handled by Surge.

Please read the instructions below before enabling

  • You must configure DNS override before enabling enhanced mode.

    When enhanced mode is enabled, Surge may not be able to get system DNS settings correctly. 'dns-server' parameter is required.

  • Surge will setup a TUN interface and route to it. DNS questions will get an answer with a fake IP in block. (This block is reserved for future use by IANA.)

  • Surge TUN interface can only process TCP, UDP and ICMP traffic. Only use this feature when necessary.(UDP and ICMP traffic can't be proxied. It will passthrough like behind a NAT.)

  • By default Surge will return fake IPs for all domains. It can be configured to specified domains only.

      enhanced-mode-by-rule = true

In this mode, Surge TUN will not declared self as the default route. Only connections to specified domains will be handled.

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