Fallback Group

Select an available policy by priority and availability. The availability is tested by accessing a URL, just like an automatic testing group. The difference is that the fallback group only cares about availability and not the specific latency. The policy defined in the front has a high priority.

FallbackGroup = fallback, ProxySOCKS5, ProxySOCKS5TLS

Temporary Override

You can temporarily override the result of automatic testing by manually selecting a policy.

  • In Surge Mac, you can find the override option in the corresponding group in the main menu.

  • In Surge iOS, you can find the override option by long-pressing on the corresponding policy's menu in the policy group view.


interval: Optional, in seconds, default: 600(s)

Determine how long the benchmark result will be discarded.

timeout: Optional, in seconds, default: 5(s)

Abandon a policy if it is not finished until timeout.

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