Subnet Settings

You may use the subnet expression to match specified networks and apply particular settings.

For compatibility reasons. The subnet settings names [SSID Setting] in the profile.


Suspend Surge temporarily under specified networks.

[SSID Setting]
SSID:MyHome suspend=true

Cellular Fallback (iOS Only)

Control the Wi-Fi assist and Hybrid Network Behaviour for specified Wi-Fi networks.

[SSID Setting]
SSID:MyHome cellular-fallback=off
  • cellular-fallback=default Use the global Wi-Fi assist and Hybrid Network settings.
  • cellular-fallback=off Turn off Wi-Fi assist and Hybrid Network for the network.
  • cellular-fallback=hybrid Turn on Hybrid Network for the network.
  • cellular-fallback=wifi-assist Turn on Wi-Fi assist for the network.

TCP Fast Open Behaviour

[SSID Setting]
SSID:MyHome tfo-behaviour=force-enabled
  • tfo-behaviour=auto Use the default TFO behaviour.
  • tfo-behaviour=force-disabled Disable TFO for the network completely.
  • tfo-behaviour=force-enabled Forcibly enable TFO for the network. This option will make Surge ignore the system TFO blackhole detecting mechanism.

DNS Override

Override the DNS settings for specified networks.

[SSID Setting]
SSID:MyHome dns-server=,encrypted-dns-server=

If the encrypted DNS is configured in the global DNS settings. You must explicitly input the keyword off below to use the traditional DNS.

[SSID Setting]
SSID:MyHome dns-server=,encrypted-dns-server=off

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