You may mock the HTTP server and return a static response. This feature may also be called as Map Local or API Mocking. If you want to return a response dynamically, try scripting.


[Map Local]
^http://surgetest\.com/json data-type=text data="{}" status-code=500
^http://surgetest\.com/gif data-type=tiny-gif status-code=200
^http://surgetest\.com/file data-type=file data="data/map-local.json" header="a:b|foo:bar"
^http://surgetest\.com/base64 data="dGVzdA==" data-type=base64


URL Pattern

Each line is defined by multiple parameters, separated by space, the first of which is a regular expression for the URL. If an HTTP request (or a decrypted HTTPS request) matches this expression, then this rule is applied.


Surge currently supports four types of data

  • file: Returns the content of a specific file or URL.
  • text: Returns the text of the data field, encoded in UTF-8. iOS 5.9.1+ Mac 5.5.1+
  • tiny-gif: Returns a 1px GIF. iOS 5.9.1+ Mac 5.5.1+
  • base64: Returns binary data encoded in base64. iOS 5.9.1+ Mac 5.5.1+


  • For file type, this field should be the path to the data file, with relative paths being relative to the configuration file's directory. In macOS, absolute paths can also be used.

  • For text type, this field is the content itself.

  • For tiny-gif type, this field is meaningless.

  • For base64 type, this field should contain valid base64 data.

You can use data-type=text data="" to return an empty result.

This parameter allows you to customize the HTTP Header of the return result. Use | to separate multiple key-value pairs.

About Content-Type

You can use the header field to control the Content-Type of the return result. If not provided, Surge will try to complete it as much as possible.

  • For file type, it will try to convert the file extension to MIME type. If it fails, application/octet-stream will be used.

  • For text type, plain\text is used by default.

  • For tiny-gif type, image/gif is used by default.

  • For base64 type, application/octet-stream is used by default.

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