If DNS-over-HTTPS is configured, the traditional DNS will be used to test the connectivity and resolve the domain in the DOH URL only.

Use DoH for All Domains

doh-server =

You may specify multiple DNS-over-HTTPS servers here (not recommended).

Use DoH for Specified Domains

example.com = server:https://cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query

DNS over HTTPS Format

There are two different types of DoH format: JSON and DNS wireformat (RFC1035).

You need to confirm the supported type of your DoH service.

  • Surge iOS 4.1 and below versions / Surge Mac 3.4.1 and below versions: Only JSON format is supported.

  • Surge iOS 4.2 and above versions / and Surge Mac 3.5.0 and above versions: Surge uses DNS wireformat by default. You can also choose to continue using JSON.


Use DoH with Proxy

If you want to query DoH servers through a proxy, you can set doh-follow-outbound-mode to true.


All the DoH connections will follow the outbound mode settings. Then configure a rule for the DoH hostname to use a proxy.

Or, use PROTOCOL,DOH rule to match all DoH connections.

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