Policy Including

Include External Policies

A policy group may import policies defined in an external file or from a URL.

egroup = select, policy-path=proxies.txt

This file contains a list of policies, just like the definition lines in the main profile.

Proxy-A = https, example1.com, 443
Proxy-B = https, example2.com, 443

update-interval: Optional, in seconds

The update interval. Only meaningful when the path is a URL.

policy-regex-filter: Optional

Only use the policies that the regex matches the policy name.

external-policy-modifier: Optional

You may use this parameter to modify the parameters of external policies.

For example, enabling TFO and changing the testing URL:


Include Existing Policies iOS 4.12.0+ Mac 4.5.0+

You can use include-all-proxies and include-other-group to include all proxies or reuse existing defines from another group.


The parameter include-all-proxies=true includes all proxy policies defined in the [Proxy] section and can be used with the policy-regex-filter parameter for filtering.


Parameter include-other-group="group1,group2" includes policies from another policy group, and can include multiple policy groups separated by commas. It also can be used with the policy-regex-filter parameter for filtering.

  • include-all-proxies, include-other-group, and policy-path parameters are allowed to be used in a single policy group at the same time. The policy-regex-filter parameter applies to all three.
  • There is an order of precedence among the policy groups for the include-other-group parameter, but there is no order of precedence among the include-all-proxies, include-other-group, and policy-path parameters. For scenarios where the order of sub-policies makes sense (e.g., fallback groups), use policy groups nesting with include-other-group.

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