Common Policy Parameters

Egress Parameters

All of these parameters are available for both built-in and proxy policies.

interface (Default: automatically)

Force to use a specified outgoing network interface.

ProxyHTTP = http,, 443, username, password, interface = en2

Direct policy alias supports the "interface" parameter like a proxy policy.

Corp-VPN = direct, interface = utun0
WiFi = direct, interface = en2, allow-other-interface=true

Please ensure the interface has a valid route table for the destination address.

allow-other-interface (Boolean, Default: false)

When the option is true, if the desired interface is unavailable, Surge is allowed to use the default interface to bind the connection. Otherwise, the connection fails directly.

ProxyHTTP = http,, 443, username, password, interface = en2, allow-other-interface=true

no-error-alert (Boolean, Default: false)

Do not show error alerts for this policy.


Choose the behavior between IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. The option just affects the connection to the proxy server. Therefore it only makes sense when the proxy server's hostname is a domain. If the underlying proxy is configured, this option has no effect since the DNS resolution happens remotely.

  • dual (Default, use the fastest link)
  • v4-only
  • v6-only
  • prefer-v4
  • prefer-v6

hybrid (Boolean, iOS Only, Default: false)

Set up the connection with cellular data and Wi-Fi simultaneously, then use the faster link.

tfo (Boolean, Default: false)

Enable TCP Fast Open.

tos (Decimal or Hexadecimal, Default: 0)

Customize the IP TOS value.

ecn (Boolean, Default: false) iOS 5.8.0+ Mac 5.4.0+

Turn on Explicit Congestion Notification if possible.

block-quic iOS 5.8.0+ Mac 5.4.0+

Forwarding QUIC traffic through a proxy may cause performance issues. Enabling this option will block QUIC traffic, causing the client to fall back to the traditional HTTPS/TCP protocol.

  • auto: Automatically enable based on whether the proxy is suitable for forwarding QUIC traffic.
  • on: Block QUIC traffic.
  • off: Do not block QUIC traffic.



Example: test-url=

Override the global testing URL. The URL is used for availability and latency testing. Surge test and benchmark the proxy by performing an HTTP HEAD request to the URL.

test-timeout (In seconds)

Override the global testing timeout.



Override the global proxy-test-udp settings for the proxy. Surge test and benchmark the UDP relay by performing a DNS lookup.

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