Policy Group

A policy group may contain multiple policies. It can be a proxy policy, another policy group or a built-in policy (DIRECT and REJECT).

There are three group types: ‘select‘, ’url-test‘ and ’ssid‘. Section [Proxy Group] declares policy group.

Manaully Select Group

Select which policy will be used on the user interface.

SelectGroup = select, ProxyHTTP, ProxyHTTPS, DIRECT, REJECT

In iOS version. You can use Today Widget to quickly select policy for the first 'select' group. You can enable/disable this feature in 'More' tab.

Auto URL Test Group

Select which policy will be used by benchmarking speed to a URL.

AutoTestGroup = url-test, ProxySOCKS5, ProxySOCKS5TLS, url = http://www.google.com/generate_204


url: Required

Specify which URL will be tested.

interval: Optional, s (Default: 600s).

Determine how long the benchmark result will be discarded.

tolerance: Optional, ms (Default: 100ms).

Policy will be changed only when the new winner has a higher score than the old winner's score plus the tolerance.

timeout: Optional, s (Default: 5s).

Abandon a policy if it is not finished until timeout.

SSID Group

Select which policy will be used by Wi-FI SSID.

SSIDGroup = ssid, default = ProxyHTTP, cellular = ProxyHTTP, SSIDName = ProxySOCKS5


default: Required.

The policy when no matched SSID option has been found.

cellular: Optional.

The policy under cellular network. If not provided, the default policy will be used.

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